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Temporary Emergency Hospital Beds

Emergency Quik-Beds™* and Quik-Cots™* are available for immediate delivery in response to your urgent need for patient overflow and short-term bed procurement amid of the COVID-19 pandemic or any crisis.


Our emergency beds help Alternative Care Sites, emergency responders and caregivers by meeting the specifications and fulfilling your requirements during this critical time. We can manufacture up to 5,000 beds per week to meet ongoing needs. Most importantly, we do not require a minimum order, we heard your call to action and we have delivered! *Patent pending

Emergency Quik-Beds™*

Our Quik-Beds™ products manufactured by Aurora Storage were chosen by several government agencies during the midst of the COVID – 19 crisis. Our team at Westbow Systems stands ready to aid you in your time of need as we strive to take one less decision you have to make off of your critical list.

Our Emergency Quik-Beds™* is low-cost, easy to assemble (no tools necessary) and, most importantly, available in antimicrobial paint in order to protect those on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis. Applications range from Alternate Care Sites, overflow centers and pop-up disaster relief support to surge capacity in hospitals, emergency departments, in-patient care centers or any short term housing/bedding needs. *Patent pending

Temporary Bed

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Available Quik-Bed Types

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