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Husqvarna Construction Products - New Warehouse Calgary, AB

Highly recommend Westbow Systems. When we needed a quick turnaround warehouse move last summer, Mickey was ready to respond! He went above and beyond in main areas that were outside of his scope. That made all the difference.

- Shawn McNeil, Husqvarna Construction Products

Husqvarna Construction Products had outgrown their current warehouse space in Calgary Alberta, and needed to move quickly to the new warehouse location they had procured.

Working closely with Shawn and the team, we designed a layout that allowed for the highest storage capacity as well as the most functional design for work flow in their new space.

By utilizing some of their existing shelving, racking & work benches into the design, we were able to keep the project within their budget while still giving them more than they needed with the new pallet racking we provided. As the project progressed and Husqvarna moved into their new warehouse space, we were able to make incremental changes along the way with the pallet racking to make sure every product had a home on the racks & storage areas.

To finish the project, we delivered and installed a 4' x 6' hydraulic scissor lift table capable of hoisting 2500 lbs. This was crucial to the repair section of the warehouse to lift heavy equipment up to be worked on.

We've been supplying storage solutions (ie: racking, shelving, workbenches, drawers, pallet racking) and working alongside the Husqvarna family for many years now. It's not the sale of racking unit or warehouse move that is important to us, it's the ongoing business relationship that is maintained by the trust and handwork that we strive for with all of our clients.

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