Mechanical Assist Mobile Shelving

Mechanical Assist Mobile Shelving

Mechanical Assist Mobile Shelving


Mechanical assisted high-density mobile systems are probably the most sought after of all the mobile systems available in every industry.

Why? It’s the work horse that doesn’t break down, and the possibilities of what style shelving, and what accessories are endless.

The ergonomic crank handle can move 3,000 lbs per 1 lb of force, making loads up to 40,000 lbs easy to move for almost any user.

These high-density mobile shelving systems are ideal for mid-heavy duty applications, and are backed with a lifetime warranty so that on the rare occurrence your systems needs tune up, you’re covered.

  • Shelving aisles open by turning the crank handle. One lb of force moves 3,000 pounds effortlessly.

  • Safety locks on the crank handle prevent’s the dreaded trash compacter scene from Star Wars ever happening.

  • Almost any type of new or existing shelving can be mobilized into high-density shelving systems.

  • Re-configure or expand your mobile system as needs continue to change.

  • Surface mount tracks are available. (no hammer drilling)

  • Seismic tracks are available. (Offered for systems in earthquake zones.)

  • A wide range of colours, accessories, and end panel finishes.

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Mizer mobile systems are made in Calgary, Alberta.