Standard Pallet Racking

Standard Pallet Racking

Standard Pallet Racking


Pallet Rack is an essential storage aspect for many warehouse spaces. When designed correctly a racking system will reduce the overall cost of handling product within your company, and in the end, it should increase storage capacity, without compromising selectivity or efficiency.

Because of the wide range of pallet rack solutions that are available. We can customize each solution to suit every warehouse environment, from small operations to sophisticated multi leveled distribution centers. Whether your need a basic pallet rack solution, or range of double-sided cantilever rack complete with engineered stamped drawings and slab review letter, Westbow Systems will always provide a high quality, secure and cost-efficient pallet rack solution.

Our experienced team is able to provide engineered stamped drawings and permitting support.

  • Advantageous for high SKU counts, with pallet in/pallet out or pallet in/ case out movements

  • Superb selectivity, improved productivity

  • Every pallet has a facing

  • Flexible - no special lift trucks required

  • Maintains FIFO (First in, First Out)