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Double Deep Pallet Racking

Standard Pallet Racking Not Enough? Double Deep Pallet Racking From Westbow Systems Can Help You Maximize Storage And Save Money. Contact Us For A Quote.

Standard Pallet Racking Not Enough?

Maximize Storage
Maximize Storage
Access Efficiently
Access Efficiently
Save Money
Save Money

Standard Pallet Racking Not Enough?

Is your warehouse looking a little messy? Do you have Standard Pallet Racking, but find pallets are piling up without more storage? Are you looking at bigger storage options? That can mean a bigger price tag, in both your racking, and the trucks required to more your pallets. But we don’t have to tell you that. So what are your options? Keep stacking pallets around the warehouse and hoping inventory moves? We’ve got a much better solution.

Double Down on Your Storage!

When Standard Pallet Racking isn’t enough, we go double deep. A double deep racking layout involves back to back rows of 2 deep selective rack. Each pick slot now has a front and a back pallet. To access the back pallet, requires a deep reach attachment on the lift truck – a more affordable solution than expensive wing reach trucks, and a solution that gives you more flexibility with the ability to fulfill other reach truck functions.

Get an Upfront Quote Now.

Two is always better than one - and double the racks means double the profit! Book a consultation with us to create a custom solution to suit your warehouse environment. From small operations to sophisticated multi leveled distribution centers, we can upgrade your pallet storage. And it’s our promise that we will always provide a high quality, secure and cost-efficient pallet rack solution. Give us a call for your consultation today.


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Westbow Systems is passionate about creating innovative storage solutions for our clients that they can be proud of.

Nothing satisfies us more than taking our client's frustrating challenges like impossible capacity goals or an overwhelming planning process, and creating solutions for them.

We provide consultations, planning, quotes, sourcing, and installation for all commercial and institutional storage needs. We make it easy, and the results are beautiful.

Contact us today to explore solutions to your storage challenges.

Mickey Mitchell, President & Storage Expert - Westbow Systems

Reviews From Our Partners

"Westbow Systems went above and beyond for us in terms of price and service to ensure that we created a system that provided a solid foundation for our collections program."

- Fernie Museum

"Westbow Systems estimate for us was very competitive, they were very quick and efficient in installing the shelving. Good people to work with!"

- Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre

"Westbow Systems provided us with options that would fit within our budget and give us most of what we wanted. Mickey was easy to work with to get the right plan"

- Prince Albert Historical Society

"We highly recommend the services of Westbow Systems and look forward to working with them again in the future."

- Town of Cochrane
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