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Flat File Cabinets

Need To Store Large Documents? Flat File Cabinets From Westbow Systems Can Help You Get Organized And Access Efficiently. Contact Us For A Quote.

Need to Store Large Documents?

Get Organized
Get Organized
Quality Construction
Quality Construction
Access Efficiently
Access Efficiently

Need to Store Large Documents?

Are you looking for storage for large documents? Do you need storage that protects maps, prints or drawings without the risk of folding or creasing? No matter where you work, protecting your large documents is important and you need storage that not only protects from the elements, but also protects your documents from becoming crumpled and destroyed. What if we told you, you won’t have to worry about creases or wrinkles again?

We Have Flat File Cabinets!

Maps, prints, archival materials and architectural drawings all fit great in our flat file cabinets. Our flat file cabinets hit the highest standard in conservation and storage. The materials used in the construction of these cabinets have proven to be safe for museum and archival use. These cabinets can be stacked three high to reach a counter height creating a convenient work or displace surface, giving you even more space to work with.

Get an Upfront Quote Now.

Let’s talk about your options! Our Flat File Cabinets are available in 3 sizes and 31 colour options with no VOC’s to ensure your documents are safe from chemicals. Customize yours by stacking to create more useable surface space or mount them to a mobile carriage for something you can move at will. If that didn’t have you convinced they all come with a 10-year limited warranty so should anything ever go awry, you’re covered. Give us a call!


Get Expert Storage Systems Advice


Westbow Systems is passionate about creating innovative storage solutions for our clients that they can be proud of.

Nothing satisfies us more than taking our client's frustrating challenges like impossible capacity goals or an overwhelming planning process, and creating solutions for them.

We provide consultations, planning, quotes, sourcing, and installation for all commercial and institutional storage needs. We make it easy, and the results are beautiful.

Contact us today to explore solutions to your storage challenges.

Mickey Mitchell, President & Storage Expert - Westbow Systems

Reviews From Our Partners

"Westbow Systems went above and beyond for us in terms of price and service to ensure that we created a system that provided a solid foundation for our collections program."

- Fernie Museum

"Westbow Systems estimate for us was very competitive, they were very quick and efficient in installing the shelving. Good people to work with!"

- Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre

"Westbow Systems provided us with options that would fit within our budget and give us most of what we wanted. Mickey was easy to work with to get the right plan"

- Prince Albert Historical Society

"We highly recommend the services of Westbow Systems and look forward to working with them again in the future."

- Town of Cochrane
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