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Fernie Museum

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

As a small museum, the purchase of museum grade storage solutions is a significant investment which has direct impacts on your collections program for decades to come.  We were very grateful for Mickey’s assistance in the planning of the system which we purchased.  He was able to design a system which not only met our project budget and immediate needs but also gave us the ability to adapt and the system as our needs changed and our collections grows. Mickey went above and beyond for us in terms of price and service to ensure that we created a system that provided a solid foundation for our collections program.

- Ron Ulrich, Executive Director, Fernie Museum

Like most museums, Fernie was looking for a space in which they could could safely store the heart of their collection. Graciously, the Holy Family Church donated some of their space and Westbow Systems was brought in. Our task was to design and install a storage system that allowed for future growth and the storage of unique artifacts. In the end, we put together a system that includes drawers, open shelving and garment storage, all done in beautiful arctic white.

Project Gallery

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