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Westbow Systems White Nobg Mountain Logo
Westbow Systems White Nobg Mountain Logo

We solve the difficult storage problems all industries face.

Innovative Storage Solutions. EASY.

Storage Challenges? We Can Help.

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Minimize Storage Footprint
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Westbow Systems is passionate about creating innovative storage solutions for our clients that they can be proud of.

Nothing satisfies us more than taking our client's frustrating challenges like impossible capacity goals or an overwhelming planning process, and creating solutions for them.

We provide consultations, planning, quotes, sourcing, and installation for all commercial and institutional storage needs. We make it easy, and the results are beautiful.

Contact us today to explore solutions to your storage challenges.

Mickey Mitchell, President  - Westbow Systems

Commercial Shelving

Affordable, and easy to install, our static shelving is found in corporate offices, warehouses, schools, libraries, museums, and more. Westbow Systems provides a wide range of shelving options for every industry.

Shelving options from Westbow Systems include 4 Post or L&T Shelving, Wire Shelving, Cantilever & Wood Library Shelving, Industrial Shelving, and more.

High-Density Mobile Shelving

High Density Shelving Systems, (also known as mobile shelving) eliminate unnecessary aisles, and replace them with ONE movable aisle. Without the wasted space of fixed aisles, you can either save up to 50% of your floor space that can be used for more productive purposes, or store up to 50% more by staying within the same shelving footprint.

High-Density Mobile Shelving options from Westbow Systems include Mechanical Assist, Lateral, Manual, and more.

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Pallet Racking

Pallet Rack is an essential storage aspect for many warehouse spaces. When designed correctly a racking system will reduce the overall cost of handling product within your company, and in the end, it should increase storage capacity, without compromising selectivity or efficiency

Racking options from Westbow Systems include Standard Pallet Racking, Cantilever Racking, Double Deep Pallet Racking, Push Back Pallet Racking & More.

Metal Lockers

Students, staff, customers all need secure storage for their belongings when the come to work, arrive at the gym, or even getting ready for the big game.

Because every application for a locker is versatile we have specifically designed lockers for every application.


Locker options from Westbow Systems include Standard Lockers, Athletic Lockers, Team Lockers, Athletic Wardrobe Lockers, and Box Lockers.

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More Solutions

Westbow Systems has the products, experience, and expertise to help institutions with virtually any storage challenge.

Check out our full line of storage solutions to see what products we have access to, and contact us for a wholistic storage plan that combines your goals for storage capacity, productivity, layout, and future needs.

We're Working Around Western Canada

We work with institutions around Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and beyond. Every project we partner on is a point of pride for us.


Our goal is to offer creative, intelligent and forward-thinking storage solutions for our clients that achieve their goals, and that they can be proud of.

Reviews From Our Partners

"Westbow Systems went above and beyond for us in terms of price and service to ensure that we created a system that provided a solid foundation for our collections program."

- Fernie Museum

"Westbow Systems estimate for us was very competitive, they were very quick and efficient in installing the shelving. Good people to work with!"

- Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre

"Westbow Systems provided us with options that would fit within our budget and give us most of what we wanted. Mickey was easy to work with to get the right plan"

- Prince Albert Historical Society

"We highly recommend the services of Westbow Systems and look forward to working with them again in the future."

- Town of Cochrane
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