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True Buch - Warehouse Pallet Racking, Calgary AB

Helping True Buch in their new warehouse space using our pallet racking & shelving wasn't just another project. It was part of an ongoing business relationship that we are proud to maintain.

- Mickey Mitchell, Westbow Systems

Around 3 years ago in a small warehouse bay in the NE of Calgary Alberta, I tried Kombucha for the very first time. It was cold, fizzy and delicious, with just the right amount of ginger; it was my first taste of True Buch Kombucha.

We were invited into their brewing space to measure & quote a few units of pallet racking to assist with storage. As time went on and the rest of Calgary caught on to what True Buch was concocting, their need for more space increased again and again. They would need more pallet racking, they would need more warehouse space, more racks, more space.

Years later in the summer of 2019, growth and success forced the owners of True Buch to look at other warehouse options in Calgary to expand into. It was a match made in heaven when they connected with a local brewery on the way out. With enough space and equipment available they made the move. Westbow Systems provided the pallet racking for the cooler, steel drum storage and other areas, along with the delivery and installation of the racking.

Since my first sip of Kombucha all those years ago, I have sampled countless brands and flavors around the world, but I keep coming back to True Buch- more specifically, the Root Beer flavor. When we say we work with amazing clients, we really mean it. The only thing better than the Buch are the people that run it. If you haven't already, go grab some True Buch from your local grocery store or farmers market. Start with the ginger.

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