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What is Mobile Shelving?

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

They go by many names; mobile shelving, mobile storage, mobile systems, high-density storage, rolling files, rolling shelves, rolling storage, I've even heard them called, " those shelves on wheelie thingies."

Even though mobile shelving has probably never been part of your everyday life, most individuals would recognize one of these systems from either their dentist office, university library, corporate file room, or even as a multi-level growing system for cannabis.

They're similar to a unicorn in that they're not that common. I mean, a unicorn is just a horse with a horn, and mobile shelving is just shelving that rolls, but they're both still a little magical...

But past the magic, a high density shelving system is just that- shelving that can roll back and forth, consolidating all of the aisle space that would normally be needed into one aisle that can be locked into place (This prevents that terrifying star wars scene with the trash compactor).

Mobile Shelving really got its start in the record and file rooms, which is why most people who have seen these unicorns can trace their memories back to their time as a file or records clerk. Different from traditional bookshelves and storage cabinets, rolling file systems remove all wasted space, making them a great solution for storing more in less space.

As time has moved on, mobile storage has "rolled" into every industry from libraries and museums to healthcare and automotive. Mobile shelving can be designed and specialized to secure and store literally anything and everything.

It optimizes every square inch of floor space and room height, whether it's winter tires, museum collection storage, gymnasium storage, costume or jersey storage, growing cannabis or other horticulture endeavors, books, binders, banker boxes, tools, hockey sticks, lions, tigers and more.

Do you have existing shelving units, cabinets and racking? We can custom design our mobile carriages to work with your existing furniture.

So let's re-cap:

1. Mobile Shelving goes by many names... (Rolling Files, High-Density Storage, Mobile Storage, Rolling Shelving, Shelves on Wheel's)

2. Mobile Shelving and unicorns are both magical.

3. Mobile Shelving is "shelving" that is "mobile" by removing all aisle space save for one, you're able to double your storage capacity.

4. There is a locking hub on each handle to prevent, scary trash compactor scenarios.

5. High Density Storage Systems are used in every industry to protect and store everything from dinosaur bones to winter tires.

6. You can mobilize your existing shelving, cabinets or racking to save on costs, and regain space.

If you're working on a renovation or new build for a museum, office space, library, school, warehouse, hospital, cannabis facility or any other project, please connect with us. The versatility and storage options that mobile shelving brings to any space is worth talking about.

Let's make some MOBILE MAGIC.

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